The most haunted place in Hyderabad

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Kundanbagh is one of the opulent places in Hyderabad, where one house is considered the most haunted one.

It all started in the year 2002 when The Times of India reported it. Supposedly, Jayaprada, a 56-year-old woman, and her daughters, who lived in a two-story house in Kundanbagh, went missing. The truth is, all three of them were dead.

It came into notice when Shahinayatgunj police arrested a burglar named Mohammed Sajid. He told the police that he went into the house but immediately ran away as soon as he saw three dead bodies.

According to the neighbors, the three women disappeared suddenly, and they weren’t seen for many months. When police investigated it, they recovered a bottle of black liquid, apparently poison, along with the three dead bodies that were decomposed.

Strangely, these dead bodies, despite getting decomposed badly, weren’t smelly at all and were recovered as if they died a few hours ago. However, it is reported by many mainstream sources that three women died six months before the police recovered the bodies.

The area during midnight :

Shocked neighbors said, “the inhabitants of the house were very reserved. They would light candles at midnight and walk around the house. The mother would wield an ax and scare away people. They even hung bottles filled with blood on their verandah.”

A few years ago, many youths in the city used to visit the haunted bungalow to prove that they were not afraid of the ghosts. When neighbors complained about it, police started patrolling around the place, and two men guard the area.

Residents of the area said it is considered haunted because of the paranormal activities that are seen, but many stories related to the bungalow are merely rumors and untrue. However, one famous conspiracy theory is that it is not haunted. The women didn’t commit suicide and were murdered by an influential personality for the property; it was only portrayed as a haunted house to mislead the case.

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