Best things to buy in IKEA Hyderabad

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IKEA is an acronym that stands for “Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd,” best known for its innovative and widely acceptable low priced furniture. Why would you choose Ikea over other retail stores? Ikea provides a clear outlook of the products they sell, which eradicates all buyers’ confusion. All the products are uniquely designed with a hint of friendly Swedish touch, which is attractive and rational. While other retail stores might individually provide your goods, Ikea ensures to serve you in a complete set fashion. 

Listed below are keenly selected products you must buy from Ikea :

Below 500 Range 

4-piece eating set for Babies


  • Grip-friendly baby spoons 
  • Baby mugs with spouts and two handles
  • Baby bowl with high sides 
  • A bib

Cost: Rs149

Tooth brush holder with Suction cup 

  • Description: A suction cup on glass or tiles’ tight grip helps in easy storage without a need to drill walls.
  • Key Feature: Holds up 3kg
  • Cost: Rs199

Door Hanger 

  • Width: 6 cm 
  • Height: 5 cm 
  • Length: 37 cm 
  • Weight: 0.60 kg 
  • Cost: Rs299

Shelf insert 

  • Key Feature: Used to multiply the storage space in cabinets 
  • Size: 32x13x16 cm
  • Cost: Rs249

Collage frame for seven photos 

  • Key Feature: Personalized photos can be added.
  • Size: 10×15 cm 
  • Cost: Rs299

Below 1K Range 

Bed Tray

  • Key Feature: Foldable legs
  • Capacity: Holds 5kg
  • Size: 56x36x26 cm
  • Cost: Rs599

3-Piece Knife Set

  • Comprises: Bread knife 23 cm, cook’s knife 15 cm and paring knife 10 cm
  • Blade: Stainless Steel 
  • Cost: Rs699

Wall Shelf 

  • Key Feature: Net SVENSHULT wall shelf adds beauty alongside giving perfect storage space.
  • Size: 60×20 cm
  • Weight: 1.22 kg
  • Cost: Rs799

Curtains with tie-backs

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Shrinkage: Maximum 4%
  • Type: Non-dry cleanable 
  • Size: 145×150 cm
  • Cost: Rs999

Wall Clock 

  • Key Feature: Silent quartz movements 
  • Batteries required: 1pc LR6 AA 1.5V
  • Cost: Rs999

Below 10K range

LED clamp spotlight 


  1. Super slim, lightweight, and movable lamp 
  2. Clamps firmly light even small places.
  3. Consumes 85% less energy 
  4. Lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs

Clamping range: 10-45 mm

Lifetime: 25,000 hours

Luminous flux: 220 lm

Length: 34 cm 

Cord length: 2.0 m 

Power: 1.9 W

Cost: Rs1090

Shoe cabinet/ Storage 


  1. Must be fixed to the wall
  2. Removable Door preferred for cleaning. 

Size: 52×39 cm

Weight: 4.95 kg

Cost: Rs1690/ 2pack


Features: Ash Wood/glass doors 

Minimum ceiling height required: 202 cm.

Size: 50×195 cm

Cost: Rs2500

Single Door Wardrobe


  1. Adjustable feet 
  2. Lead-free mirrors
  3. Minimum ceiling height required: 211 cm.
  4. Knobs/handles sold separately.

Size: 50x60x201 cm

Cost: Rs.9,000

Coffee Table

Features: Reliable, durable natural wood material 

Weight: 19.00 kg

Size: 65x140x52 cm

Cost: Rs.9,990

Above 10K Range 


Dining set up with two chairs 

Includes: Table and two chairs 

Material: Solid pine, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer

Size: 74×74 cm

Cost: Rs.10,490

Fabric Armchair 


  • High Back Panel
  • Fixed Cover
  • Vacuum clean/Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Width: 80 cm 

Height: 65 cm 

Length: 99 cm 

Weight: 19.00 kg 

Cost: Rs.15,990

Glass-door cabinet with three drawers


  1. Solid wood 
  2. Hinges with snap-on function
  3. Adjustable feet


  1. Knobs and hinges 
  2. Three adjustable shelves

Size: 90×198 cm 

Weight: 26.00 kg

Cost: Rs.21,990

Wardrobe combination 


  1. High-gloss white/mirror glass
  2. Adjustable feet
  3. Hinges with integrated dampers
  4. Knobs and handles sold separately.
  5. Clothes rail 
  6. Shelves
  7. Two drawers
  8. Mesh basket

Minimum ceiling height required: 211 cm.

Size: 150x60x201 cm 

Cost: Rs.39,200

TV storage combination

Features: Solid pine, Adhesive, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer


  1. Adjustable shelves 
  2. Hinges with Snap-On function
  3. 1 fixed highly stable shelf
  4. Adjustable feet
  5. Built-in cable management
  6. Open compartments for DVD/CD players, etc.
  7. Removable bottom shelf
  8. Knob and hinges
a. Bookcase:
  • Width: 38 cm 
  • Height: 13 cm 
  • Length: 94 cm 
  • Weight: 17.82 kg
b. TV bench:
  • Width: 56 cm 
  • Height: 11 cm 
  • Length: 77 cm 
  • Weight: 11.30 kg 
c. Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers:
  • Width: 44 cm 
  • Height: 9 cm 
  • Length: 200 cm 
  • Weight: 26.00 kg 

Cost: Rs.49,970


An enormous variety of products are sold by IKEA, making your home a comforting and appealing place to live in. Make your house a dazzling place to visit, for your guests, by selecting the best-suited furniture and many more things from the best furniture store in the city.