Best flower markets in Hyderabad

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‘Phool khilay toh dil khilay’ is when you see a ‘Phool’- flower. Flowers are a symbol of peace, love, and happiness. When someone says ‘look at that flower’ or someone offering us a flower, our heart blooms just like a flower. Flowers are used to gently expressing our feelings. The sweet fragrance of the flower makes us hypnotize. Every celebration is incomplete without flowers. And so Hyderabad is the best place to purchase these lovely flowers. The flowers you get here are the best of best. When you visit these places, your mind gets confused about what to buy and what not to buy. They’re so tempting that sometimes you wish you would have purchased the whole market. Let’s observe in detail these admirable markets.

  1. Gudimalkapur
  2. Mozam Jahi market
  3. Jambagh
  4. Phool Mandi

Gudimalkapur Flower Market

It’s quite an excellent place to purchase from. It’s located near Mehdipatnam, walking through PV Narsimha Rao flyover you can reach here. You can smell the pleasant fragrance of the flowers from a distance. These are transported from Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata, Banglore, and Maharashtra, and the activity starts from sunrise to sunset. It’s a wholesale market where the vendors sell the flowers in a bulk quantity. Having a floral nature, the place attracts every visitor at one glance. The roses you get here are of different types and different colours. Mostly sold flowers are lilies, orchids, marigold, daisies, tulips, bouquets, and floral arrangements. Here you get a kilo for INR 10 and so on depending upon the flower you purchase. It’s also the best place for photo shooting. 

So, have a must-visit to decorate your events by purchasing from here.

Mozam Jahi Market

It’s a prevalent place which you might have heard from every Hyderabadi, right!. Located in Abids, it was named after Mir Osman Ali Khan’s second son, Moazzam Jah. It’s also a famous ‘fruit market.’ The combination of flowers and fruits creates a scene of tempting nature around you. There are various markets present inside the Mozam Jahi market, which meets every need of a person. Everywhere you go, you can smell the sweet essence of fruits and flowers. It’s an ideal place to purchase fruits, flowers, and groceries as well. Fed up with walking, then ‘Karachi Bakery’ is here to satisfy your every need of hunger right away. 


Jambagh is a part of the Mozam Jahi market. Here you get fresh flowers like roses, tulips, marigold, chrysanthemums, lilies, flower bouquets, and much more. When you visit this place, to say in Hyderabadi slang, the place is “ek dum mast.” The flourishing flowers and the scenic beauty of the place will capture your heart. Make your visit in the early morning to feel the freshness of this place. Also, get your flowers at a very affordable price. 

Phool Mandi

It’s a part of Jambagh. The name itself tells that it’s all about flowers. There are wide varieties of flowers required for every occasion. The flowers are piled in trucks and sold right away. Because storing flowers for longer hours causes wilting and losing freshness and fragrance of flowers. It’s a very crowded place. You might get lost, get lost in this blossoming paradise of flowers. The flowers sold here are at a very reasonable rate. 

Finally, it’s just not a flower; it’s an emotion to express your inner feelings, whether it’s a marriage day or bidding farewell to your loved ones all up in heaven. You don’t get here just one type of flower; you get different varieties of flowers made into fantastic garlands, flower bouquets, floral arrangements, and car decorations. Have a must visit these places.