Best Dog Parks in Hyderabad

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Pet ownership invariably comes with fondness and companionship, and with that comes physical and emotional health. Dogs and cats make excellent companions, but there’s a reason why dogs designate as man’s Bosom Buddy! The game of Paw-sing your life with paws around you after a bit of tiresome day can always add a little zest to life.

Being their furry, adorable selves, dogs help us feel cherished and joyful.

But what have we done lately to increase our dog’s happiness quotient? Have you taken them to get an ample off-leash exercise or to learn social skills? If no, then what are you waiting for?

If you need assistance to choose where to take your pet to play, eat, stay, you’ve come to the right location.

Hyderabad has got Dog Parks and Cafes, where your canines can have constant snuffle and wags.

  1. GHMC Dog Park
  2. Dogs Park Necklace Road
  3. The Pet Cafe
  4. Terassen Cafe
  5. Coffee cup

Hyderabad has always been an extensive hub of the innovation industry, a residence to many high-end eateries. It has now been labelled as a pet-friendly city and is also the nation’s first Dog Park.

GHMC Dog Park

GHMC Dog Park is the country’s first exclusive and certified Dog Park in Hyderabad, India, near Radisson Hotel in Gachibowli, spreading across an area of 1.3 acres with vivid artwork and paintings for dogs.

 It possesses an exclusive splash pool, walking track, pet-friendly eateries, play area for dogs, an amphitheatre, segregated enclosure for big and small dogs, and training centre with certified professionals. This park shall indeed be a blissful day for your pup with lots of joy and laughter.

  • Where: Gachibowli
  • Time : 5am- 10 pm
  • Cost : 20/ per adult, 2/ per kid, 10/ per Pet

Dogs Park at Necklace Road

Dogs Park at Necklace Road is one of the Purrfect places to let the dogs out with their most unleashing experiences. This entertaining space is for your wagging beauties to ensure their happiness by giving them a better social and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, this place also allows you to celebrate your canine’s birthday with cakes, cookies and a total blast.

Apart from the regular dog park activities, they also look out for regular adoption of outlying and missing dogs. If you’re the one who would love to get your pup to socialize, cuddle and play with other dogs, then this park is a go-to place for a date with your pet.

  • Where: Necklace Road, next to Jalvihar Water Park
  • Time : Weekdays: 6am-7:30 am | Weekends: 6am-8:30 am

The Pet Cafe

Every pet owner knows how hard it is to leave your pet home and head out. But this cafe is worth checking out if you’re looking out for a daycare centre that takes care of your furballs.

It acts as a chilled out spot to sit and sip with your doggo during the day. Its quirky and vintage lights, minimal look, and lively paintings have nailed the cozy vibe. After having entertained thousands of furry guests, they know their likes and dislikes and what is most pampered to them. It’s a holiday home, away from home for your canines.

  • Where: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Time: 2 pm-7:30 pm
  • Cost: 500 for two people (approx)

Terassen Cafe

Terassen Cafe is a plain, hassle-free eatery, popularly known for its healthy, unique and vegan food and animal-loving tendencies. It has adoption posters on their notice boards, serves home-style Indian Breakfast, and whips up a fresh meal. It is a small and snuggling place for grabbing a quiet dinner in the company of your furry friend. 

  • Where: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Time: 12 pm-10 pm
  • Cost: 800 for two people (approx)

Coffee cup

It is a quiet cafe in the bylanes of sainikpuri with the scent of the fresh brewing coffee, yummy food, pets sniffing around you and the love affair between the turning pages of a book. The peaceful ambience always demands a sun drinking your favourite coffee with pets having fun over there.

  • Where: Sainikpuri, Secunderabad
  • Time : Weekdays: 9am-11:30 pm | Weekend: 8 am- 11:30 pm
  • Cost : 750 for two people (approx)